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Near Infrared Composition Analyzers
Instant organic composition measurement. Non-contact and non-destructive organic analysis. Moisture testing, fat content, sugar content, brix, protein content measurement, ash residual. Desktop, online, inline models.
Near Infrared Moisture Meters
Instant Moisture Meters - non-contact, and non-destructive moisture testing. Portable handheld, desktop, online, inline models.
Moisture Determination Balances
Direct moisture measurement by the loss on drying method. Models available for all liquid and solid applications.
Micro Moisture Analyzers
Unique moisture meter. Moisture measurement down to 1ppm (part per million). Also measures moisture in products with multiple volatiles.
Wood and Paper Moisture Testers
Wood moisture meters. Non-destructive. Factory calibrations and user calibrations for specialty products. Handheld and online instruments for professional use.
Paper Moisture Meters
Instant paper moisture meters. Non-destructive. Factory calibrations and user calibrations for specialty products. A variety of sensor and probes for industrial-grade measurements
Agricultural Moisture Meters
Numerous handheld and desktop moisture testers for grain moisture measurement, seed moisture measurement and specialty agricultural applications.
Agricultural Test Instruments
A variety of unique test instruments specifically for the rice industry, grain and seed applications, and specialty agricultural measurement needs.
Concrete and Mortar Moisture Meters
Concrete moisture measurement, mortar moisture measurement, drywall moisture and slurry moisture. Handheld and desktop testers. Non-destructive, instant measurement.
Universal Moisture Meters
Instant moisture measurement on solids and some liquids. Non-destructive moisture tester. May be calibrated by the customer for specialty applications and local requirements. Portable, battery powered.
Microwave Moisture Analyzers
Desktop and online analyzer for applications requiring this unique technology. Instant, non-destructive, transmission measurement.
Coating Thickness Gauges
Portable, handheld, non-destructive coating thickness meters. A variety of models to test most coatings on metal substrates.
Friction, Wear and Surface Property Analyzers
Wide array of desktop instruments. Friction testers, wear testers, peel testing, adhesive strength, scratch resistance and more.
Handheld Friction Analyzers - Tribometers
Unique portable friction testers. Battery powered to allow field testing and measurement in locations where samples cannot be brought back to a laboratory environment.
Whiteness and Color Meters
Whiteness testers for rice industry (milling) and powder applications. Simple to use instruments are the worldwide standards. Test are completed in seconds and are completely non-destructive.
Laboratory Mixers and Mixing Systems
Industrial grade mixers in compact, laboratory form factor. Variety of models and accessories to address any mixing or blending need.