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Product ID CBL330P
Printer Cable- L330

Price: $84.00
Product ID L-CAB
Trans cable for LE/LH/LZ-330
This serial communications cable includes a basic software program to allow for data to be sent to the PC. The operator can then cut and paste the data into other SPC applications.
Price: $95.00
Product ID L330CA
330 Case / Leather / Vinyl
This leather and vinyl case protects the 330 series against plant hazards and coatings while allowing the operator to view the display and operate the keypad. An integrated belt loop allows the unit to be safely carried to the job site.
Price: $75.00
Product ID L330TI
330 Plastic Tip
These black plastic tips screw onto the end of the 330 series probes. They include an integrated tube guide for secure measurement of curved surfaces.
Price: $15.00
Product ID LCABP-L330
L330 to Printer (VZ330)
Data cable between the L330 coating gauges and the VZ330 printer
Price: $50.00
Product ID LCal1
Calibration Foil Set
Used to calibrate all LE, LH, and LZ models.
Price: $24.00
Product ID LE330C-SP
Ferrous - Stat. / RS232 20C Probes
Ferrous - Stat. / RS232 20C Probes
Special order - metal tipped probes for the 330 series - Ferrous substrate.
Price: $1,995.00
Product ID LEP-20C
LE/LZ 200 Ferrous Probe
LE/LZ 200 Ferrous Probe
Replacement ferrous probe for the LE and LZ200C. These probes have the wider locking flanges.
Price: $695.00
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