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Product ID H94AC
AC Adapter for H94 Tribometer
Optional AC adapter for H94Ai and later models. Please let us know the voltage needed if needed outside North America.
Price: $149.00
Product ID H94CABLE
RS232-C Cable for 94i
Optional RS232C Serial cable for the H94Ai and later models - 9 pin serial connector. Can be used with USB/RS232 Converter to interface with PC/Laptop USB connection.
Price: $100.00
Product ID H94FLAT
H94 Standard Flat SFe Tribo
Replacement or additional test jig for the H94.
Price: $200.00
Product ID H94R
94AI Rubber Slider
Substitute for flat slider foot. Includes rubber insert to simulate rubber contact with solid surface.
Price: $795.00
Product ID H94SADDLE
H94 Slider - Tubestock
Special Order - Test jig for the H94. Allows intstrument to test along axis of tube-type products.
Price: $795.00
94i Spacers / Extenders
Special Order - Replacement or additional spacers to allow for rubber, leather, and liquid jig extentions.
Product ID H94W
94AI Liquid Slider
Six-pointed contact foot to replace flat slider. Used when measuring liquid/solid interface. Includes shims for H94 and H94ai (please specify) to create proper angle for testing.
Price: $895.00