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Product ID H37
H37 3D Portable Handheld Friction Tester

This instrument is unique in that it provides a coefficient of friction measurement in any angle... even upside down. The portable H37 3D runs on two AA batteries or, if used in a laboratory, or near a production line, can use the optional AC adapter.

Simply place the instrument on the sample, press the Measure button and the coefficient of friction is accurately measured and displayed in less than 5 seconds.

See: H37 3D for the brochure.

Price: $5,995.00
Product ID Heidon94AI
H94 Handheld Tribometer

This simple, yet accurate instrument will automatically measure and calculate the coefficient of static friction. Results are displayed on the integrated LED.

Multiple tests can be automatically averaged. Runs on batteries and includes a protective hard case. Special fixtures allow liquid samples, and special test requirements to be addressed with one system.

See: H94 Tribometer for the brochure.

Price: $3,495.00