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“the results were amazing” AW – Pharmaceutical Company Scientist (KJT130)

KJT130 Handheld Moisture Meter - "Results are amazing"

We’ve had great success with the analyzer and it has provided us with invaluable information over the years. Please use me as a reference. (KB – Paper company)

KJT130 Instant Moisture Meter - Portable - "invaluable information, great value"

“We wish we’d done this (purchase KJT270’s) instead of purchasing the Smart Tracs”

LB – Corporate Quality Assurance



KJT270 Instant Composition Analyzer versus Moisture Balance

“Actually we’ve the KJT30, from your store and it´s very helpful for moisture bagasse determinations in the sugar mills.” JR – (KJT30)


“Really enjoy using this gauge (990). I have another gauge, a “xxx”, but I don’t trust it.
Our shop is a really tough environment on instruments.” (GT – Powder Coater)


They (our family) have two Kett moisture meters (Riceter and PM650) that they use for rice. They are still working perfectly and accurately.
Jaime G – Colombia

Perfect and Accurate - Riceter and PM650

The PQ is so good and durable, it’s outlasted our staff. We’ve been using it so long, the people that started with it are gone and it’s still here (15+ years) (KG – Rice Processor)

PQ500 - Single Kernel Rice moisture tester - durability outlasts customer!

“We have been using the Kett KJT270 for over 10 years. It is a very sturdy, efficient and easy to operate piece of equipment. Over the years the problems we’ve had with the KJT270 have been few, and those that we had were quickly and effectively dealt with, by John and his team. It has been money well spent.”

FD – Diversified Food Manufacturing Company

Sturdy, efficient tester - good support - money well spent

“All is well… trained channel 2 for product 160 and it kicks ass”
Used on vacuum conveying line to monitor moisture and fat content.

MS- Large Philadelphia Food Company

Tremendous Near-Infrared Composition Meter