Pearlest Grain Polisher

Pearlest Grain Polisher

The Pearlest is specially designed to quickly and accurately peel off the husk of grains for the purpose of measuring and inspecting the extent of product defects and/or damage to crops. Bran removal is required to reliably measure rice density. It is also necessary to check for damaged, rotten, and off-spec product as well as to determine if glutinous and non-glutinous rice have been intermixed.

The instrument was constructed to polish rice, wheat, and barley for these purposes. A 10 gram sample of brown rice can be processed in 30 seconds and barley in only one minute. The power source of the Pearlest is 100-220VAC.

A sample spoon, brush, spatula and file are included to provide a complete sampling and cleaning system.

The system is very compact (95mmWx130Dx160H) to allow use in every environment.

Price: $845.00
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