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Product ID: C100CUP
C100 Sample Cup and Lid
Extra sample dish that includes locking lid. Please note this is different than the sample cup used for the C300
Price: 229.00
Product ID: C1LMP
C1 Lamps

Price: 37.00
Product ID: C300/01
Sample Case

Price: 154.00
Product ID: C300/02
Sample Dish
Extra dishes. Open top. Replacement or extras for the Kett C300, Kett C100 and Kett C600 Whiteness Meters
Price: 29.00
Product ID: C300/03
Whiteness Calibration Plate with Holder
Replacement plate that is used to adjust the Kett C300, Kett C100 and/or Kett C600 Whiteness meter and ensure it remains calibrated as the light source ages. Includes calibration value sticker as well as holder.
Price: 185.00
Product ID: C300/04
Blue Filter Plate
This filter is a replacement for the C100 and C300 colorimeters.
Price: 65.00
Product ID: C300/05
Light - Blind plate

Price: 65.00
Product ID: C300/06
Blower Brush
This brush has provides simple blowing and dusting to clean the optics and sample containers used with the C100 and C300. One is included with each new instrument.
Price: 24.00
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