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Product ID H22
Continuous Load Tester

Similar to the H18L, the H22 allows a ball indenter to be loaded in addition to scratch needle loading. Thin to thick film adhesion, real-time measurement of friction (due to abrasion), surface scratch hardness and tackiness can be evaluated by this system.

Price: $72,500.00
Product ID H24
Recovery Tester

Originally developed for the paint industry, a load is applied to a test piece and then removed. The probe displacement is measured to a 10um resolution by an optical displacement sensor. Repeated loadings (up to 999,999 cycles) allow the user to assess viscoelastic fatigue.

Textile or leather material textures, and the durability of sealing, packaging, packing or padding materials can be assessed. Characteristics of food, printed materials, photoengraved products, flooring materials, artificial skin and similar products can be measured.

Price: $32,500.00
Product ID H25
Heidon Optical Strain Gauge
This unique device helps identify stress points on transparent and translucent plastics and polymers. Utilizing the principle of polarization, two film plates are turned to provide the optimal viewing index. Stress points are easily viewed through the large (280mm) circular viewing window.
Price: $7,895.00
Product ID H30/30S
Reciprocating wear tester
This simple reciprocating tester allows adjustment of travel speed and distance Simultaneous testing is also an option as multiple samples can be run. The H30/30S has a maximum travel speed of 33000mm/min and a maximum travel distance of 50mm.
Price: $12,900.00
Product ID H33
Portable Tactile Meter
The H33 is a a portable tactile meter that expresses sensory evaluation in numerical values. This meter can measure slippiness, blending, texture, and feeling. Its measurements range from 0-20N in X,Y,Z directions.
Price: $29,700.00
Product ID H34
Rotating Drum / Both-Way Sliding Combined Friction and Wear Tester
With this instrument, both-way slide testing and wear tester can now both be tested with one instrument. Not only does this benefit both parties, but the wear testing has also become more simplified. The H34's automatic both-way movement has a maximum of 9,999,999 movement number of times. This system also utilizes a dedicated chucking jig as its drum roller fixing method and has rotation direction/speed of 50-500rpm.
Price: $54,900.00
Product ID H35
Wide-Range Load Friction and Wear Tester
Now with it's wider range measurement range, the H35 allows for testing from a minimum of 20g to a maximum of 100kg. This allows for optimal rotational wear testing due to its ability to address low and high speeds. The H35 can conduct a single test up to a maximum of 9,999,999 times. The H35 also utilizes a non-contact type of thermometer with an interlocking system as its opening and closing type (safety cover).
Price: $94,500.00
Product ID H36
Low-Load Wear Tester
This tribogear tester has a loading range from 0.1g to 10g and contains a housing that separates the drive unit from the measuring unit in consideration to the very low loading conditions. This provides unsurpassed precision by isolating even minor vibration. The upper sample fixing method utilizes the sample fixing jig with a table rotation speed that ranges from 30-3000 rpm.
Price: $44,500.00
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