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Product ID KJT700
KJT700 Instant Online Composition Analyzer Sensor Head

Enhanced online composition analyzer. May be used in any geometry. Will simultaneously measure moisture, protein, fat, oil, sugar, solvent, alcohol, coatweight and thickness depending on the product configuration. All tests are instant, non-contact, and non-destructive. Includes air purge snout and filter for minimal maintenance.

Please contact our office for configuration and pricing.

See: KJT700 for the brochure.

Product ID KJT400
NIR Composition Tester

Obsolete - Replaced by the KJT70 and KJT700.

Similar to the KJT330, this measurement system is custom-configured to test one or more product components: moisture, fat, protein and coating thickness are just a few of the items that can be accurately measured on a continuous basis. Measurements are made on open process lines and vessels, as well as through sight glasses or sampling ports. Menu-driven operation allows all personnel to successfully operate this system.

The package system include the PC, software, cables and connectors needed to install a complete process analysis system.

Please contact our office for configuration and pricing.

See: KJT400 for the brochure.

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