How does the KJT130 Work?

Kett AnswersCategory: FAQHow does the KJT130 Work?
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Kett Support answered 8 years ago

Kett’s KJT130, like all of our instant moisture meters and instant composition meters use Near-Infrared Reflectance (NIR) to measure the organic content.   Light is emitted from the high-intensity lamp.  The light is filtered to wavelengths that excite (stretch, vibrate) the organic molecule.  This light is reflected off of the sample and the amount of light absorbed at the measurement wavelengths is computed.  The higher the concentration, the higher the number of molecules and, therefore, the greater the absorbed light. 

The lab value from the current referee method is compared with this “absorbance” value.  The relationship between these matched pairs (absorbance value vs. lab value) is determined by either linear regression or multiple linear regression.  Our instruments and Tracker software make this simple.

Once the relationship is determined, the calibration equation is stored in the instrument.  The Kett NIR moisture meter or composition meter then provides instant, non-contact, non-destructive measurement for the life of the instrument.