Kett AnswersCategory: Coating Thickness GaugesHow often do I need to calibrate my Kett Coating thickness Gauge
Rob Schreiber asked 8 years ago
I’ve been asked internally how frequently we should re-calibrate the instrument.  Can you help?


replied 8 years ago

The answer depends on the reason for the calibration.
If the instrument is in a stable environment, you may only need to calibrate once every six months. Some of our customers have told us their Kett coating thickness gauges are so stable, they may go over a year without needed to correct for drift. You should check them periodically with two standards, generally the substrate and a calibration foil thicker than your normal coating. This allows you to quickly verify that the instrument is operating within your acceptable limits. If not, calibrate.

If the questions is “How often should I calibrate my Kett coating thickness tester to comply with ISO or other certification, this depends on the internal (and possibly customer) protocols within your company.