How to backup or move Tracker data files

Kett AnswersCategory: Tracker SoftwareHow to backup or move Tracker data files
Kett Support asked 7 years ago

I want to install Tracker software on a new PC.  How do I get access to the calibration data?

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Anonymous answered 7 years ago

Look at the splash screen on Tracker.  At the bottom of the screen is the location of the software installation.  Make a note.  Make sure Tracker is closed and go to the file location.  A sub-folder named “Data” will be found.  Make a copy of that folder and move it to the backup location.  If a new Tracker Software installation is made, this folder can then be copied to the “new” PC/Laptop and the data will be up and running.

Kett Support answered 7 years ago

Since the license key can be moved among active PC’s and Laptops this is a simple process.
 Close Tracker on the “master”  PC/Laptop
Make a copy of the data table – the location is shown at the bottom of the Tracker Splash screen.
On the “clone” PC, overwrite the existing data folder with this copy.
Put your key into the clone pc and start Tracker…. all is well.   If you see any warnings that tables are missing and need to be re-built, there’s an error and you’ll need to do the move again.